Smoking Fetish Phonesex



Smoking Fetish PhonesexYou get so hot during Smoking Fetish Phonesex! ” Oh sweetheart you have a smart mouth on you, don’t cha?” ” We need to take care of that naughty mouth of yours and put it to work.” I get right on top of you with my sweet little pussy and I sit it right on your face. Mmm, that feels good. I take out a big thick cigar and light it. Using your face as my throne. Grinding my cunt in your face. “That’s right, eat my pussy like its your last meal.” You flick my clit with your tongue and pull on it with your lips.

Taking a deep breath I take a long drag of my honey dipped cigar. My lips wrapped around the tip as I taste it on my tongue. Taking my lips off of its nice thick tip I lean down and blow the smoke out slowly. My pussy grinding on your mouth as I smother you. My pussy juices dripping all over your mouth and coating your tongue. I take another long drag as I start to stroke your cock up and down, feeling you shake as I tease your big mushroom head. Your watch me stroke your cock as I smoke with my red painted nails. Smoking my cigar nice and slow as your cock gets harder in my hand!

I see you just love joining me for some Smoking Fetish Phonesex fun and face sitting phonesex. My sweet pretty pink pussy smothering you as you lick up my honey. And the smell of my cigar drives you wild as I lick and suck on the tip. You want me to kiss your cock like my lips kiss this thick cigar. I can see you start to twitch as I lightly tease the head with my fingertips. After I finish my cigar I deep throat your cock. I suck every last drop of cum until your grabbing onto bed sheets and moaning my name!

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