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Girl Next Door Phone Sex tempts & tease you!  Your my lover who lives a few door down. You  came over tonight for a night of fun.  I answered naked.  Your  10-inch cock in your pants shows how excited you are for tonight.  You come in and lock the door behind yourself  before  pressing me against the door.  Grabbing my waist and kissing me deeply as we start to get undressed.

Your hands slide down my body during Girl Next Door Phone Sex.  Slipping my Skirt and panties down before they hit the floor.   I slide my shirt off so you can see my perky tits. You pick me up and take me to the balcony before  you  set me on my feet. I grab you and kiss you  hard on the lips  before I see My nosey neighbor outside watching us.  We decide to give My nosey neighbor a show since he is already watching us.

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You have me sit on the table top with my legs spread wide open. You kneel down in front of me and begin devouring my hot juicy cunt. My Deep Moans  fill the air as I wrap my thighs around  your neck as you devour my wet pussy.  While I swallow your mouth with my cunt I cum hard in your mouth.

Squirting my hot wet pussy juice all over your face. My cunt is hot wet & sweet like a fresh juicy peach . You swallow every drop of my cunt juice like a man addicted.  Driving your tongue hard & deep into my pussy. Devouring every single last drop . I weave my fingers in your hair and grind my hot wet cunt into your face!

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You lick every last drop of my sweet honey out of my cunt and between my thighs. Savoring my sweetness As I moan nice & loud. My nosey neighbor still watching from the window in disbelief. As we put on a show for him since he was watching like a creeper. And what a show he got!

You pick me up wrapping my legs around your waist. My arms around your shoulders. You push me against the wall and fuck me against it. I lock eyes with my horny neighbor as he keeps watching. Not able to keep his eyes off of the nasty deed going down inside.

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Then you bend me over on all fours on the floor Standing up behind me. My lover & I both watch my neighbor watching us as you  proudly show off your big dick. Proving to him that he has quite the competition.  My neighbor continues to watch as you take your huge dick & thrusts it deep inside my hot wet pussy.

I’m on all fours like a bitch in heat. Back straight ass up head down. Looking up only to watch My neighbor rubbing his cock through his pants. With his mouth wide open in disbelief. Your ramming me balls deep with your big dick.  You taunt my neighbor by looking him dead in the eye as you fuck me. Proving your dominance! Making my neighbor thirsty as fuck.

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You pick me up and puts me on your lap. Looking my neighbor in the eye as you continue to fuck me. Bouncing me up and down on your dick like a toy. Thrusting  your massive man meat in my pussy. Pounding my wet cunt like a man possessed. My neighbor watches in envy  stroking his little dick as you  shoots a huge load deep inside me. Continuing to fuck me until I cum all over your cock

Your put  me on my knees. Pulling out your big dick from my cunt for my nosey neighbor to see its still hard. That’s right your dick is still fucking hard. Our neighbor jerks his dick s he watches what you do next. Your stroking  your huge hard cock wet with my cunt juice right into my mouth. Of course I devour your thick creamy load as our neighbor watches in envy. All he can do is watch us fuck & jerk it! Totally envious of all the fun we are having. Imagining what it must feel like to fuck me!

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