Cheating Phone Sex

I couldn’t help myself during Cheating Phone Sex. Sneaking into the bathroom while you are in the shower, watching the hot water cascade down your naked body. My cunt starts to drip and drench my thong. I lock the door behind me as I move closer to you. Your hands start to stroke your big cock as I listen to your low moans.

Stepping in the shower behind you, wrapping my hands around your hard cock. You jump as I start to stroke you. You say that I shouldn’t be here as you thrust into my hands. I kiss the back of your neck as I stroke you slow. “You might have married my sister but your still mine” I whisper. Rubbing the head of your cock, as I start stroking you faster.

You turn around and push me against the wall as you press your body against me. Placing your hands over mine as you pull them above my head. Your Fuck stick thrusting hard inside of me, pushing deep. I spread my thighs as you push and grind inside of me, feeling you hit the back of my pussy. You need more Cheating Phone Sex to satisfy your desires.

Pumping me hard as you kiss and suck my neck. Nibbling on my skin as you fuck me hard and slow. Making me gasp and moan as you slide in and out of me. One of your big hands lifts one of my thighs onto your waist. As you drive inside of me deeper, pounding me hard. My arms wrap around your shoulders as I hold on tight. Whispering into your ear to give me more. “You know my sister can’t fuck you the way I do” I tease.


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