Impregnation Phone Sex

Impregnation Phone Sex is red hot! I come out of the shower in nothing but a smile. My smooth skin dripped with water . I go out to my bedroom balcony and light a blunt. The smoke fills the air as I breathe the smoke in and out. My plump pink lips wrap around the end as you watch me smoke nice and slow.

You are in the doorway watching me as I finish my blunt.  I come in and let the towel drop to the floor. Only then do I see my naughty neighbor! Standing in my bedroom stroking your cock!

You look hot in your  briefs, topless to show your rippling muscles and your fat cock. I love older men! You have such a  huge dick. I know your wife doesn’t fuck you enough. I purposely leave my door open hoping you will find me! Ready to fuck me hard! Taking out all your sexual frustration on my hot young cunt!

You push me up against the wall and kiss me hard. Your hands working up and down my body. Your hard dick standing straight up at attention! You back me up against the bed and slowly lay me down. I spread my legs as you move between. Sliding my long legs apart as you push yourself inside me.

fucking me nice and slow! Your dick penetrates my hot young cunt! My tits bouncing up and down as you fuck me. A sexy doll next door for you to cum play with. I love the attention. Purposefully teasing you until you can’t take any more.

Your cock throbbing  deep inside me. Filling me up all the way. No condom just skin against skin. I make you promise not to cum in me. Normally you pull out and cum on my face but not today. Today you have something different in mind.

You cup my perky breasts as you kiss me deep. I can feel your cock beginning to twitch. I remind you not to cum in me “Please don’t cum in me I’ll get pregnant”! But you smile and hold me down. Your stronger than me! There is nothing I can do about it! As I protest you make me take your thick creamy seed. Filing me up completely. Forcing me to take your thick load. Impregnating me against my will. Making me cum over and over as you ravish my hot wet cunt!

Fucking me raw until you have your fill of me. Then you smile and tell me now you own me. You can’t wait until I am pregnant and helpless. Depending on you to take care of me. Making me your mistress forever. Your little whore next door! Call me at 1-877-631-3024

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