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During Auntie Phone Sex My naughty nephew is coming over to visit me this summer. He is such a horny stud, and he steals glimpses of me everyAuntie Phone Sex time he visits. My Nephew is sitting in the living room for Incest Phone Sex right now trying to hide his huge cock. There is no hiding a dick that thick, as he crosses his legs.

I tease my naughty nephew with family fun roleplay relentlessly. Dropping  my spoon so I can bend over right in front of him. My thin dress allowed him to see my thong panties through the fabric. When I look over, my  horny nephew is watching and licking his lips. His hard cock straining through his sweats. Just waiting for me to give him Auntie Phone Sex.

My Nephew looks surprised when I catch him staring. Giving him a naughty smile as I make my over to him. Putting my hand on his thigh as I ask him if there is anything I can get him. Sliding my hand up to his groin until I reach his hard-on . Gently  teasing his cock for incest phone sex lightly with my fingertips. I lean over and whisper that I know he wants me.

I get up on my nephews lap and straddle him. When we start Auntie Phone Sex he has a raging hard on. His hands land on my waist as  I press against him.  I can feel what a big boy he is with that cock in his pants. It’s okay, you can touch me, sweetie. I just love teasing my horny nephew and watching him blush. My Nephews cheeks get red with embarrassment.

Come be my sweet horny nephew and let your dirty aunt Joann show you what you’ve been missing. Lets enjoy Auntie Phone Sex together.

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