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Sexy Secretary Phone Sex starts with an interview and ends with a blow job.  When I came into your office after applying for the job I noticed how youSexy Secretary Phone Sex looked at me. You kept staring at my mouth.  Soon I was called into your office for your pleasure. I wore a tight navy blue A-Line Skirt and a sheer cream colored blouse. Wearing nude thigh high stockings & Navy blue pumps.

You made it clear there was a long line of applicants ahead of me. Many were more educated and more qualified. You laid out the position & what your expectations where. Sexy Secretary Phone Sex would need to take your every dick-tation several times a day. At your beck and call night and day. Anywhere any time you desired. There would be travel involved where we would stay in the same hotel room. My clothing wardrobe would be extensive but you would pick what I wore.

Now before I was allowed to speak You looked me up and down. Not wasting a minute you tell me to open my blouse and get on my knees. Before I could protest you showed me a stack of papers all of them applications.  You didn’t need an educated secretary to do real work. You just wanted a hot girl to answer the phone. Whom would serve your every carnal desire. How bad do you want the job you ask? It comes with a 20 thousand dollar wardrobe  allowance. It also comes with an annual salary of 60 grand a year full benefits and a car.

Of course I want the job I reply. Well if you want the job you know what you have to do. Prove to me you are willing to do whatever it takes and I will hire you right now, you tell me. I drop to my knees my tongue swirling over your mushroom head.  I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as I invited you in. Taking every inch of your dick into my mouth and begin to suck. Your cock is huge and I love your thickness. I love sucking down your hot Creamy Jizz.

Now during Sexy Secretary Phone Sex I wear sexy dresses and lingerie. Coming to work every day looking good & bring you pleasure is a dream job. Being your naughty Sex kitten getting fucked every day. Cumming multiple times a week feels so good. You taught me so much about sex & foreplay. So many positions and techniques & ways to cum. I even learned how to squirt as you took me on a journey during one of our recent business trips. I get paid to dress up in the finest close and service your sexual kinks. As your insatiable little slut


My Sexy Secretary Phone Sex Boss is a tender kinky phone sex lover who loves pleasing me too. I always have room for more gentlemen to serve on the phone. Long to chat with a sensual secretary who loves to make you cum? Whether you want me to be your work  phone sex mistress or your Submissive sex kitten secretary call me. I can’t wait to find out  makes you tick!


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Wanna join me in the salon after hours for Hair Fetish Phonesex?
 Sit in the special salon chair, and let me spoil you baby.
Let me run my fingers through your hair and massage the shampoo in. 
 Looking in the mirror you see me in my sexy lingerie. I start to press and rub my breasts against you.  Slowly trimming and combing your hair.

 as you watch me in the mirror, your cock getting hard as you watch the sway of my hips. It feels so good when I run the clippers over your hair and style it, doesn't it baby. Then massaging your scalp while I'm straddling your hips.

Braid my hair in pigtails while you grind that hard cock into me.
 Make my pussy dripping wet just thinking about you inside me.
Get up and push me into the chair and lean it back.Then blindfold me and tie my hands above my head.

Let me feel your fingertips trail over my skin as you strip me
 Naked. Its so hot feeling you spread my legs open wide. Right before feeling you tie each leg to an arm of the chair.  Hearing you get on your knees to eat my sweet pussy makes my clit throb. Having you dine on this cunt until my legs shake.

Do I taste good baby? You must love my pussy juices with how fervently you drink me. Your cock must be throbbing, straining against your jeans. My cunt starts dripping when I hear your zipper as you let those 
jeans drop to the floor.

 Feeling you get right on top of me and rub that cock against my
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