Little Dick Humiliation Phone Sex

Little Dick Humiliation Phone SexLove Little Dick Humiliation Phone Sex? Most guys I talk to like to brag about how big there dicks are. Are you the opposite? Long to get laughed at? Maybe you struck out with every girl you dated. Strippers & Escorts couldn’t even take your pathetic cock seriously. You found yourself perving on girls behind the bushes or watching them on spy cams. Getting a secret glimpse of their hot bodies while you jerk off furiously.

Do you like me to be super mean during Little Dick Humiliation Phone Sex? Cutting your tiny sorry excuse for a penis down to size? Or maybe you prefer a girl who really likes little dicks and knows her way around one. Lets be clear though I only fuck the big dicks! Your tiny little piece of hump meat doesn’t even have a shot with a Goddess like me.

Even if you know a few tricks on pussy eating, you could never get close to my cunt. Once you drop your pants looser its over! I don’t even consider  flat mushroom button pencil dicks when I fuck. In my book its a Cardinal sin to put in the trouble to get ready just for a tiny cock looser that can only stay hard for 5 minutes. That’s why some of you need that 5 minute minimum. 10 minutes is much to long for you. Its not that its all you need, its that its the longest you can stay up *Snickers.

Some phone girls have a 10 or even a 15-20 minute minimum. I offer a 5 minute minimum out of pity for your poor pathetic pricks.  How cruel that genetics handicapped you with the tiniest dick imaginable. And to make things worse you can’t even keep it up that long. Some of you think 5 minutes is too long roflmao.  Little Dick Humiliation Phone Sex is definitely for losers’ like you.

Don’t think I’m going to be submissive for a little dick either. I only get submissive for the big cocks. And if you want I will tell you all about the big fat black and white dicks I fuck and come all over. Those big cocks make me cum in ways your tiny little pathetic dick never could. Know your place and buy your 5  minutes and jerk off like the pathetic small dicked pervert you are! Save the bravado, your tiny little midget mushroom can’t even stretch out my belly button ahahahahhah!

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