Thigh Worship Phonesex

Thigh Worship Phonesex

Thigh Worship Phonesex

My Thigh Worship Phonesex got you hot and bothered. I know you look me up and down when you see me. My long sexy legs always catch your attention, don’t they?

Long lean delicious luscious legs and thighs. Commanding your attention as you kneel to me in my sex dungeon. You just can’t help but look at how sexy my legs are.

Welcome to my Thigh Worship Phonesex !

Sultry and enticing in these black thigh high stockings. Imagining rubbing your face between them. My skin chafing against your cheek covered in your  5 0’clock shadow stubble. 

Kissing everywhere in circles between my thighs. Rubbing your dick between my thighs as you fondle my tits. Longing to  have your cock squeezed between my toned fleshy thighs.

Ready for Thigh Worship Phonesex

Muscular yet soft creamy yet radiant. I love getting licked between my thighs. Love how my Thigh Worship Phonesex turns you on? How my little black skirt holds nothing from your imagination.

I know you’ve been thinking about joining me in some Kinky thigh fetish fun. Maybe I sit on your lap in this skirt. Your dick out of pants. Rubbing your fat cock between my smooth silky thighs.

You need my Thigh Worship Phonesex.

Feeling my skin move up and down your cock. Your not even inside me yet and your ready to cum. Then you kneel In front of me to worship. Kissing licking and massaging every inch of my thighs.

You dream about my Thigh Worship Phonesex. Rubbing your cock all over my milky white thighs. Spreading them nice and wide. Loosing yourself between them. Your hot breath driving me wild. 

Rock hard for Thigh Worship Phonesex?

Thigh Worship Phonesex You just want to rub that rock hard cock all over my soft, sexy stockings.  Let me see you worship me with your fingers, tongue, and cock. 

 I love to tease you with my short skirt. Flashing you a bit of naked thigh. Catching your eyes wandering up to the top of my black lacy thigh high stockings. 


Desperate 4 my Thigh Worship Phonesex?

Seeing your dick begin to rise in your pants. Rubbing my sexy lace covered thighs together. Teasing and tempting your desire for Thigh Worship. Watching as your pulse races and you bite your lip. Desperate to get your hands on me again.

I especially love teasing you in public. Wearing the skimpiest skirts I can find. The kind that flounce to and fro. Driving you wild as I cross and uncross my legs. Touching and rubbing my thighs with my hands. You shift in your seat. Aroused by my Silken thighs enticing you.

Are you a Thigh Worship Phonesex pervert?

That’s right, I know you want to fuck my pantyhose like a pervert. I can see how hard you are. Waiting to get your fix! Your pre-cum oozing and seeping out the head of your dick.

Excited just thinking of grinding yourself in between my black lacy stockings. Licking your lips as you grope and lick every inch of my thick thighs. Kissing and smelling my sexy creamy soft thighs.

Call me for Thigh Worship Phonesex now!

I see you lighting up my line for Thigh Worship Phonesex! Bow down and look between my legs for absolution. A few inches higher and you’ll find heaven. Do you dare to explore my silky mound of juicy wet desire?

Desperate for just a taste? Begging me to milk your cock meat with my thighs and pussy.  Only between my thighs can you be redeemed ! Its ok to be a horny pervert! Call me now! I can’t wait to play

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Thigh Worship Phonesex