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The weather is Gorgeous outside! What a perfect day to tease you during Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex.  I knew your cock was aching for some Naughty Neighbor Phone Sexextra special attention.  Using my pussy to peak your interest was definitely in my plans! Your always checking me out in all my hot outfits. Short skirts, tight booty shorts and halter tops.  Your wife is jealous of me but its not my fault you think I’m hot.  Leaving you unsatisfied leaves your mind to wander . Filling your head with fantasies of my pussy wrapped around your dick.

The more  I think about you jerking off to thoughts of me the wetter I get. I couldn’t wait to make your Phone Sex Fantasies a reality. Waiting for your wife to leave was torture. The very next time she left to go shopping I made my move. Some kinky fun would coax you out of your shell. I wanted you to see me naked and jerk off to my hot body.

I decided to Show off my Hot body during Naughty Phone Sex. When your wife is away Miss Joann loves to play. I Don my tiny string bikini and go hang out in my backyard. I know you watch me through the cracks in your blinds. I see you peeking at me through your curtains. Your bedroom window is on the second floor with a perfect view of my back yard.

Knowing I have a horny audience I get completely disrobe and lay outside naked in the sun. I can see you pull the curtains to the side as I spread my thighs and begin to rub my clit. I just know your jerking off watching me masturbate. I finger my hot wet cunt and rub my hard nipples as I look in your direction. You get bold and pull the curtains back and I spread my legs wider putting on a private show just for you.

You pull out your hard dick and begin to jerk it for me. What a Nasty Phone Sex pervert you are! I encourage you by finger fucking my hot juicy young cunt faster. Playfully bringing my fingers up to my lips to taste myself. I lick my fingers like I’m sucking cock. That look on your face tells me your beyond excited. I bet you want to fuck me don’t you?

Yes I am the Naughty slut next door teasing you with my Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex. I even bend over sticking my ass in the air so you can get a full view of  both my pretty pink holes. I finger fuck my self from behind while looking back in your direction.  You jerk off hard and fast cumming all over your chest. I just know you are going to be calling me for hot nasty hard core fun 1 on 1!

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My older stepbrother has a naughty habit of watching me shower and undress. It makes me so horny knowing that he might be touching himself while watching me. Today I went out by the pool in nothing but a string bikini. Laying down as I take off my bikini top. My hands start to rub lotion on my perky breasts during Family Fun Phone sex.

Looking over I see him watching me through his bedroom window and he is stroking his cock! His cock is so big as he slides his hands up and down his shaft. I never knew he was so big and as he sits down in a chair I see him stroke his dick harder for me. It’s making me wet seeing his hands slide up and down his cock.

I spread my legs and slip my hands down until I can feel my wet pussy. My fingers start to rub my clit as I watch him stroke himself. He watches as I put three fingers inside and slowly push them in and out as I touch myself. My fingers start to pump in and out of my pussy as I watch him play with his cock. He keeps pumping his cock so hard as I finger fuck myself. It feels so good but I want his cock inside of me. I start to cum as I fuck my pussy harder. He looks at me as he shoots a big load of cum for me. He watches me as I ride my fingers, and he knows that he’s going to be the next thing I ride.



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