Naughty Nurse Phone Sex

Do you have a medical fetish or medical fantasy? longing to get super kinky with Naughty Nurse Phone Sex? I will do a thorough examination on every inch of your body. Rubber gloves, anal probes, vibrating cock sleeves and cock rings. We can bring all kinds of kinky toys and fun tools to our party!

Cum show Naughty Nurse Joann Everywhere it aches. You can demonstrate your oral skills on my hot wet pussy. Bend over and let me give you a  naughty Prostate exam as I slide my fingers nice and deep. Finger fucking your ass and rimming it with my tongue.Naughty Nurse Phone Sex I can be a submissive nurse, or a bossy demanding dominating one! You can be the patient I prep for Doctor Victoria. Or Maybe Doctor Victoria left me to finish up the exam myself. You could also be a dirty doctor and I help you give examinations. Maybe young miss Kaylee cum’s into your office,& I help you examine her young pussy and ass!

I put on the rubber gloves and milk your dick nice and slow. A nice lubed up finger dilates and explores your anal cavity. Massaging your p-spot until you blow your creamy nut! I can be gentle and make you cum or I can be mean and torment your dick and balls a little too.

Want me to take even more control? Do I lay you on your back and put your feet in stirrups. Putting your wrists and ankles in restraints? A bit of bondage as I fuck your shit hole nice and deep? How naughty or nice I am is all up to you!

My office and I & all my girlfriends are open and ready to serve you! You can even enjoy a two girl call with Kaylee or Victoria and I together! Double the girls double the fun! You work hard don’t you deserve to play hard too? You deserve to give yourself something special.  Treat yourself & call us now for Naughty Nurse Phone Sex !  1-877-631-3024

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Married Cheating Phonesex

During Married Cheating Phonesex  I walk into your hotel room Nearly naked. Wearing nothing but a long grey trench coat. Locking the door behind me as I unwrap myself and as my coat falls to the floor at my feet. The click of my heels on the wood floors draws your attention. Slinking over to you as you wait for me on the bed. Straddling your lap as I unbutton your shirt.  Sliding my hands up your shoulders and holding your face in my hands as I kiss you slow.Your hands start to unclasp my bra as I feel your hard cock straining in your briefs. Kissing down your neck as you pull my lacy panties to the side. Sliding two of your thick fingers inside as you grab my ass. As I take out your thick cock your cuckold wife comes out of the bathroom in a long bathrobe and sits in the armchair across the bed. Watching as your cock slides inside my wet cunt. You hold me tight as you start to fuck me. You whisper in my ear that my cunt feels tighter than your wife’s. She starts to touch herself as she watches me ride you hard. Your cock ramming balls deep into my cunt as I ride you deeply.

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Submissive Slut Phonesex

Submissive Slut Phonesex

During Submissive Slut Phonesex You walk into my kitchen in nothing but a pair of jeans. I’m in a sexy apron and panties as I start to make breakfast.
“How do you want your eggs honey sunny side up or scrambled?”

You whisper in my ear, “Scrambled with sausage.” as your hands grab my hips. Your hard cock pressed against my tight ass.
Bending me over the countertop as you press against my naked back.

Unzipping your jeans as your hot hard big cock is pressed against me.
Rubbing it between my pussy lips as your fuck stick slides deep inside of me. Thrusting balls deep as you grind inside of me. I succumb to you like the submissive phone sex slut I am!

You are so thick as you fill me up, hitting the back of my tight wet pussy. Peppering hot kisses on the back of my neck as you fuck me mercilessly. Pounding me so hard that your dick is throbbing deep inside. You pick me up and place me on the kitchen table. You are so kinky I love you how spontaneous you are!

Grabbing the bottle of honey and squeezing it all over my breasts. Your tongue licking up every bit of sweetness off my tits as you drive yourself in deep. Making me take every inch of you inside my tight pussy. Making me cum on your cock as you suck hard on my nipples. Lets make this Submissive Slut Phonesex a reality! Call me lets play 1-877-631-3024 !

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Cheating Girlfriend Phonesex

You walk in on me  during Cheating Girlfriend Phonesex while I’m kissing your best friend. His hands gripping my ass as he kisses me deeper. You can’t help but watch him push me down on the bed as he gets on top of me.

His knee slides up to part my thighs  and you feel your dick begin to get rock hard. You are standing in the doorway watching us with that hard cock of yours.

Cheating Girlfriend Phonesex
Cheating Girlfriend Phonesex

Does it turn you on knowing that he’s fucking me? Wondering if this is the first time, and you already know you can’t compete with him.  Do you like watching your best friend fuck me? His cock is so much bigger than yours is. Maybe your a cuckold too?

I want you to watch how he pleases me. You could never fuck me as good as he does. I love how hot it makes me when you are watching us. Seeing him slide down between my legs as he starts to taste me, lapping up my pussy juices. Don’t you wish you could turn me on like he does?

He’s so hungry for me, and you can’t help yourself as you start to jerk off . Cheating phone sex has turned you into a cuckold pervert. Reluctantly you accept your situation. Your little dick can’t please me but his can. Your so jealous and so aroused at the same time.

Is Cheating Girlfriend Phonesex your fantasy or is this real life? Does your girlfriend fuck other cocks too? Tell me all about how much of a Cheating slut she is while you jerk off for me.  I will tell you how to jerk it While we chat. Milk every drop of cum from your cock as you confess all your Cuckold fantasies, desires and experiences. Call me-Joann 1-877-631-3024

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Family Fun Phone sex


Family Fun Phone sex with horny stepbrother

My older stepbrother has a naughty habit of watching me shower and undress. It makes me so horny knowing that he might be touching himself while watching me. Today I went out by the pool in nothing but a string bikini. Laying down as I take off my bikini top. My hands start to rub lotion on my perky breasts during Family Fun Phone sex.

Looking over I see him watching me through his bedroom window and he is stroking his cock! His cock is so big as he slides his hands up and down his shaft. I never knew he was so big and as he sits down in a chair I see him stroke his dick harder for me. It’s making me wet seeing his hands slide up and down his cock.

I spread my legs and slip my hands down until I can feel my wet pussy. My fingers start to rub my clit as I watch him stroke himself. He watches as I put three fingers inside and slowly push them in and out as I touch myself. My fingers start to pump in and out of my pussy as I watch him play with his cock. He keeps pumping his cock so hard as I finger fuck myself. It feels so good but I want his cock inside of me. I start to cum as I fuck my pussy harder. He looks at me as he shoots a big load of cum for me. He watches me as I ride my fingers, and he knows that he’s going to be the next thing I ride.



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Forced Cross dressing

Imagine your surprise, Forced Cross Dressing! You wake up tied to the bed Finding yourself all dressed up! Pink frilly panties and bra, Short little school girl skirt and top? Your tight little ass all wet like a fucking slut. Is that cum in your fuck hole? Oh no! We come into the room in our sexy school girl uniforms and you have no idea what happened last night.

All you know is your ass and throat are really sore. You vaguely remember going home with a few hot girls but not much else. Your dizzy and your arms and legs feel like spaghetti. Did we attack your hot little holes with strap on dicks? Here, let us show you what a dirty little whore you were ! As the video play’s it starts with us dressing you up like a girl! And we play a video of you dressing up in our slutty clothes, you look so good in that short plaid skirt and panties.

You were such a whore sucking on my girlfriends dick last night. Little did you know my other two gal pals were Shemale sluts. Oh look! your little bitch stick is getting hard, oh but my girlfriends are too! That’s right bitch! Look, it’s a special delivery for the faggot! Say cheese for the Camera. Someone is about to get whats cumming to them.

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Ass Eating Phonesex

Open your mouth bitch, and eat my ass like fucking groceries during Ass Eating Phonesex. You know you love eating my dirty asshole, sticking your tongue deep inside of my shit hole. Licking every bit of my shit up, you nasty little bitch. Lick me and clean me up and like it slut! Your cock is throbbing while you eat my Phat ass. Please your mistress and eat every bit of my butt candy. You love eating my ass and sucking me clean, and being my toilet bitch! Oh, are you gonna cum for me ? Not until you get a hot and nasty phone sex session with me. You can’t truly get off until you hear me fuck my tight little shit hole with my dildo. I know your cock is aching to fill me to the brim with your entire cock. Grab your dick, double click and call me! Save time by getting our hot and nasty time online “HERE“! Really want the best experience? grab one of my picture sets too. Call me and I can add it to one of our hot and nasty phone sessions for just $5. That way you can look at every hot and naked inch of me while you jerk off to my hot and sexy voice! My photos are all delivered by email for your instant Ass Eating pleasure!

Tease and Denial

Your dick aches at the thought of my Tease and Denial Role plays. Your just my little submissive phone sex slut and your job is to please your mistress. I want you to beg for my sweet wet pussy as I watch your fat cock getting harder for me. Oh you want my succulent young cunt that badly? Then strip for me bitch and lay down on the bed, because you are meant to please me. I can see you squirm on the bed with that swollen cock wanting to touch it so badly. Poor baby, that must hurt. “Giggles” You just can’t help yourself, watching me crawl up to you with that hunger in your eyes. It’s so fucking satisfying seeing that cock strain and rise harder against your Chasity belt. Getting thicker with need as I straddle your hungry mouth and ride your face to ecstasy. Using your mouth and tongue to get off. Suck my clit and drink in all my cum. All my wet pussy juices running down your chin. What a greedy boy you are. Licking up all my cunt nectar. Begging me to fuck you during Tease and Denial Phonesex!