Submissive Slut Phonesex

Submissive Slut Phonesex

During Submissive Slut Phonesex You walk into my kitchen in nothing but a pair of jeans. I’m in a sexy apron and panties as I start to make breakfast.
“How do you want your eggs honey sunny side up or scrambled?”

You whisper in my ear, “Scrambled with sausage.” as your hands grab my hips. Your hard cock pressed against my tight ass.
Bending me over the countertop as you press against my naked back.

Unzipping your jeans as your hot hard big cock is pressed against me.
Rubbing it between my pussy lips as your fuck stick slides deep inside of me. Thrusting balls deep as you grind inside of me. I succumb to you like the submissive phone sex slut I am!

You are so thick as you fill me up, hitting the back of my tight wet pussy. Peppering hot kisses on the back of my neck as you fuck me mercilessly. Pounding me so hard that your dick is throbbing deep inside. You pick me up and place me on the kitchen table. You are so kinky I love you how spontaneous you are!

Grabbing the bottle of honey and squeezing it all over my breasts. Your tongue licking up every bit of sweetness off my tits as you drive yourself in deep. Making me take every inch of you inside my tight pussy. Making me cum on your cock as you suck hard on my nipples. Lets make this Submissive Slut Phonesex a reality! Call me lets play 1-877-631-3024 !

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