Pervy Neighbor Phone Sex


Pervy Neighbor Phone Sex

Your my  neighbor during Pervy Neighbor Phone Sex. Your always watching me. Dressing in sexy short dresses is a kink of mine. Being a dick tease to older men my hobby.  I enjoy being the center of attention.  You could say I am a bit of an attention whore.

During Pervy Neighbor Phone Sex you look up in my bedroom window! My body really turns you on.  Standing in front of my mirror I touch myself all over. Cupping my own breasts & rubbing between my thighs. Undressing myself slowly for your benefit & my own.

I can see you watching me with your binoculars again. What a fucking pervert! I look over and see you jacking your big cock off! I return the favor and undress. Blowing kisses at you as I rub & twist my own nipples.  You shut the blinds & disappear behind your drapes. I laugh and wait for tomorrow.

I walk away from you nice and slow as I pass your house. Of course your checking out my ass in this bikini. Smiling while you watch me swim
& sunbathe in my pool.  You creep over to the fence and look through the peep hole you made. Undoubtedly pleasuring yourself again. My bikini top conveniently slips off much to your surprise.

Today is the day I take back control . I lay out on the grass on my towel.  Removing my string bikini bottoms. Getting on all fours I push my ass up back & forth. Imaging you fucking me doggy style from behind.

I know your watching how could you not. Go ahead and jerk your cock off pervert. Watching me naked in my back yard. Jerk it as I begin to finger my pussy & ass from behind. Giving you a show during Pervy Neighbor Phone Sex.

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