Incest Role play

Incest Role play

Have a hard on for Brother Sister Incest Role play? Are you my big brother checking me out? Have I bent over a time too many? My budding breasts are begging to be felt up. Can’t wait to fill my tight virgin cunt ? You wanna fuck me before anyone else gets the chance? Popping my cherry on your big brother dick! Am I willing or reluctant? I can be innocent or Slutty. Either way There is lots of family fun to be had.

I can be your Big sister too. We can have Incest Role play any time you want. Often left in charge no one would ever suspect what we do. I’ll show you how to use your virgin cock. Corrupting you for my pleasure. It’s ok bring your cock  to big sis.  Bad day at school? There there let sissy suck you off. Soon you will forget all about that bad day. Nothing like nutting in my mouth to brighten your day.

Are we twins in this Incest Role play? The same age and identical in every way? Maybe we even slept in the same bed growing up. It was no surprise we would grow quite close. Learning about each others bodies. Touching each other under the sheets at night. Mutually masturbating each other while we kiss and cum. We don’t need anyone else. Our forbidden Phone Sex was meant to be. No one could ever make me cum like you do. Fitting like puzzle pieces perfect for each other in every single way.

Maybe Daddy starts this Incest Role play. Daddy or stepdaddy wants us to fuck each other for his pleasure. Exploiting us in his Deviant Phone Sex fun. Putting on a show while he jerks his big dick off. Watching the two of us go at it is better than any age play porn he could find. Your big virgin cock in my tight virgin pussy. Pumping and grinding for daddy for the first time. Daddy sets the camera up so he can record all the fun. All of us cum together every day after class. Maybe mommy joins in on the fun too. We could be one dirty horny family!

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