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Hot Anal Phone Sex

Anal Phone Sex Want some Anal Phone Sex? I know you are a naughty little bitch. You need a spanking too don’t you. You’re  so busy touching yourself that you never noticed me watching. Hands touch your hard cock up and down. Sliding the lube all over your cock and balls. Walking into the room right behind you, I watch as you slowly touch your tight asshole.
Your fingers circle the rim as you push your fingertip inside. Getting on your hands and knees now so your fingers can reach deeper inside. Preparing yourself for a big thick dildo before you start to slide it inside. Pushing in that 8-inch dildo now with your ass in the air like a little horny bitch. Reveling in your kinky ass play!
When you have it deep inside of you I take my leather belt. Giving your slutty ass a hard smack. You cry out in surprise as I hold the end of your dildo. Starting to push it in and out of your slutty ass before I crack the belt down again. Looking over I see that your cock is starting to drip precum.
I bet it feels so good when your cock already starts to cry precum. Now be a good little bitch for me and take your spanking . Bending over while I push this fuck toy deeper inside of you. You better feel every inch of this thick dildo. Grinding deep inside of you  as I make your ass cherry red. Destroying your tight ass during Anal Phone Sex! Call me for Girl Next Door Phone Sex 1-877-631-3024

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Nasty Neighbor Phone Sex


Nasty Neighbor Phone Sex

Nasty Neighbor Phone Sex calls make my pussy dripping wet! I got a hot & nasty call today. He wanted to perv on me with his binoculars while edging himself in his yard. Checking me out sunbathing nude.

Seeing my cute naked body always gets his dick so hard. Nasty Neighbor Phone Sex seems to always get him in the mood. Our sexy call today  started out with some hot anal phone sex. My naughty neighbor loves any excuse to be invited over.  He came over to fix my sink, and I totally took advantage! Seducing him with  all of my ass-ets!

Of course can you check my router too? It’s in my bedroom of course. I bend over in a tiny dress with no panties on. This made his dick rock hard! I love being a dirty little dick tease. Horny for my anal phone sex he made his move! Rubbing his rock hard dick against the crack of my ass. He knew my router was just fine. What I really wanted was Nasty Neighbor Phone Sex !

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Cum hungry Mommy

Cum hungry MommyLooking for a Cum hungry Mommy? I can be your dirty mommy who loves your big hard young dick! We can enjoy all kinds of Mother Son roleplays! Mommy always compliments you on how big your cock is! Your dick has gotten so big over the years!

Your cock is so much bigger than daddy’s! You see how I lick my lips and salivate as I check out your hard man meat! It’s been years since Daddy fucked me! I know your girlfriend is not taking care of you. Want mommy to take care of that big dick for you?

I want to give you a special gift. Cum hungry Mommy knows your girl don’t fuck you right! My big boy should cum hard .  Here let mommy take care of that for you. Mommy will give you a good blow job. Watch as Mommy sucks and licks all over your big fat dick. Mmmmn What a nice yummy dick you have  for mommy. Your such a good boy!

Want to see something really kinky? Cum hungry Mommy has a special surprise! Mommy can lick your tight young ass until your toes curl. Then Mommy will slide one finger nice and slow deep inside. Very gently mommy will finger your ass as she deep throats your dick! Mommy is so happy to take care of her good boy& his  big fat cock.

It feels so good when Mommy sucks your dick doesn’t it! Your afraid you might drown mommy with all your cum. Its been so long since you had a good nut. That’s ok Mommy loves young cum! I beg you for your creamy young nut. You try so hard to hold back but soon you cum hard. Mommy sucks down every single drop of your jizz juice! What a good boy you are cumming for mommy. Call me soon!  1-877-631-3024

Live sessions are $2/min with a 5 minute minimum In  USA/Canada…International calls are $2.50 a min

Unable to receive a call back? No Problem! Calls directly on my 800# are $2.50 a min 1-877-631-3024

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Sissy Nipplegasm Phone Sex

You are such a naughty little sissy slut.  Laid out on your bed hungry and waiting to be used and satisfied. Your body is half-naked, with your tight little ass and cute little sissy stick in those lacy panties. That little sissy clit is so hard that it’s poking out of your sissy panties. Your just begging for Sissy Nipplegasm Phone Sex!
Oh, but don’t touch yourself or you will get a spanking!  My fingertips graze over your hard clit through the thin silky fabric as I tease you slowly. Rubbing that soft fabric against you, I know this feels so good on your sissy fuck stick. Tease & Denial never felt so good as I edge you nice and slow.
 Now be a good sissy girl and rub your pink, little nipples for me. Rub them nice and slow with your fingers in circular motions. Pinch and tease them for me now with your fingertips. Doesn’t it feel so good when you pinch your nipples like that? Sliding on top of you, I start to press against you as I grind on your hard clit. You begin to moan and tremble when I rub and suck on your hard nipples.
Lightly nibbling on them as my tongue slides and circles around each pinkSissy Nipplegasm Phone Sex bud. Your fingers thread through my hair as you arch your back. I take your little sissy clit out of your panties as I start to tease the tip. Oh look, your little sissy stick is starting to cry. You just love it when I play with you! Sissy Nipplegasm Phone Sex makes the precum drip out of your sissy clit!
You beg for me to give your back pussy some extra special attention! Long for more Sissy Nipplegasm Phone Sex? Bring your sex toys and call me! I can’t wait to bring out your inner freak by satisfying all your naughty kinks!

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Naughty Nurse Phone Sex

Do you have a medical fetish or medical fantasy? longing to get super kinky with Naughty Nurse Phone Sex? I will do a thorough examination on every inch of your body. Rubber gloves, anal probes, vibrating cock sleeves and cock rings. We can bring all kinds of kinky toys and fun tools to our party!

Cum show Naughty Nurse Joann Everywhere it aches. You can demonstrate your oral skills on my hot wet pussy. Bend over and let me give you a  naughty Prostate exam as I slide my fingers nice and deep. Finger fucking your ass and rimming it with my tongue.Naughty Nurse Phone Sex I can be a submissive nurse, or a bossy demanding dominating one! You can be the patient I prep for Doctor Victoria. Or Maybe Doctor Victoria left me to finish up the exam myself. You could also be a dirty doctor and I help you give examinations. Maybe young miss Kaylee cum’s into your office,& I help you examine her young pussy and ass!

I put on the rubber gloves and milk your dick nice and slow. A nice lubed up finger dilates and explores your anal cavity. Massaging your p-spot until you blow your creamy nut! I can be gentle and make you cum or I can be mean and torment your dick and balls a little too.

Want me to take even more control? Do I lay you on your back and put your feet in stirrups. Putting your wrists and ankles in restraints? A bit of bondage as I fuck your shit hole nice and deep? How naughty or nice I am is all up to you!

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Ass Eating Phonesex

Open your mouth bitch, and eat my ass like fucking groceries during Ass Eating Phonesex. You know you love eating my dirty asshole, sticking your tongue deep inside of my shit hole. Licking every bit of my shit up, you nasty little bitch. Lick me and clean me up and like it slut! Your cock is throbbing while you eat my Phat ass. Please your mistress and eat every bit of my butt candy. You love eating my ass and sucking me clean, and being my toilet bitch! Oh, are you gonna cum for me ? Not until you get a hot and nasty phone sex session with me. You can’t truly get off until you hear me fuck my tight little shit hole with my dildo. I know your cock is aching to fill me to the brim with your entire cock. Grab your dick, double click and call me! Save time by getting our hot and nasty time online “HERE“! Really want the best experience? grab one of my picture sets too. Call me and I can add it to one of our hot and nasty phone sessions for just $5. That way you can look at every hot and naked inch of me while you jerk off to my hot and sexy voice! My photos are all delivered by email for your instant Ass Eating pleasure!