Erotic Phone Sex

Erotic Phone Sex Begins.

I went on a blind double date weekend with a couple of our friends. We  had no idea It would turn into Erotic Phone SexErotic Phone Sex Joining them on a snow skiing trip was exciting. Another couple joined as well. My friend was driving, his girlfriend in shotgun. My date and I and the other couple in the back seat. We were in a Scout but the last back seat was filled with equipment coolers and luggage. It was about a two hour trip. We would most likely be very cramped for that amount of time.  There was almost no space to move. the only way to fit was for the girls to sit on their boyfriends laps. Thank goodness the back windows were shaded or we might have gotten pulled over.

Erotic Phone Sex Seduction.

But it was the dead of night. No one was really out driving. So being pretty confident we piled in and embarked on our long drive. I joked that we were practically on top of each other. My big bubbly ass happened to fall perfectly in your lap sandwiching your dick.  Moments later a few bumps in the icy road made the car jostle around a bit. My ass bouncing up and down got you aroused. You grabbed my waist to stabilize me. The bumps made the situation erotic.  You dick was rubbing right against my asshole. My pussy got really wet. The car began to smell like my cunt.  The ambiance & Situation was right for Erotic Phone Sex .

Desire Builds for Erotic Phone Sex

Your dick got harder against my ass. I felt your thumb begin to rub circles on my hip. I squirmed a little as I got wetter and wetter. I felt your cock throbbing against my ass. We fit together like lock and key. The weight of my body pushing against you. Your hard cock pulsating throbbing hard against my ass.  The head beginning to pop out of the top of your pants. You pull my shirt up in the back slightly while the other couple are asleep. So you can rub your wet fat hard dick head against my back. You shift my weight and position your cock against the crack of my ass under my pants and shirt.

Hiding our Erotic Desires.

When we arrived at the ski slope  everyone was busy. The couple in the back were asleep. The couple in the front of the car was listening to music. I was occupied with how wet your hard dick was making my pussy.  The windows were fogging up. We arrived at the ski slope. Things moved pretty fast from there. People opening doors and grabbing bags and ski equipment to prepare for the day. You quickly grabbed a bag to shield it from the huge bulge in your pants.

The Trip was fun!

All the couples separated.  The other two people we shared the back seat with said that they needed to leave the slopes earlier and had different ride back. I said it was nice to meet them and we all parted ways. It turned out to be a fun day. Those days I was phasing out skiing and just being to snowboard. Because of this I spent most of the day content and alone since I was hitting direct runs and was at a different pace than my friends who were skiing.

Cold weather & Hot fun!

The weather turned bad. I instantly regretted putting on a sweater long knit skirt and boots. What was I thinking. I look cute but now I’m cold. It was snowing heavily out, the visibility was bad so we had chains on and were going very slow. Something about driving through a blizzard with the car heat cranked up, muscles tired, wipers methodically pulsing, that has always had a nice cozy feeling for me. A cozy, sleepy and kind of safe feeling for some reason. The drive back took was taking extra long as a result of the weather. My friend who was driving said “If you want to take a nap you could move some of the ski’s and lie down in the back”. “ Hmm, yeah that sounds pretty good”

The perfect opportunity.

We shuffled the equipment in front of us. We laid down in the lower lower in the far back .There was a blanket back there and just enough room now to lie down comfortably. I drifted off to sleep pretty quickly in the warm and quiet car, I have always liked falling asleep in moving cars. When I woke up at what I’m guessing was about an hour later  you had crawled back along side me. You woke up slowly and your cock already happened to be hard.  You lifted my skirt up laying behind me. You slowly fingered me to get me wet. Then you slid your fat 8 inch cock in my hot wet cunt.

Hidden kinky fun!

The road was bumpy and icy. The drive cold and slow. They were driving listening to music ignoring us. It was dark in the back and we were shielded by coolers and equipment and suit cases. You gently began to fuck my pussy from behind. Using your one arm from under me you rubbed my nipple. Using the other one draped over me you began to rub my clit. I held onto the car with one hand and rubbed my other nipple with the other.

Finally fucking!

Slowly you slid in and out while rubbing my nipple and clit. Your mouth &Erotic Phone Sextongue and lips at my ear. Flicking my ear and neck with your tongue. Blowing in my ear and whispering how good my wet pussy felt and how badly you wanted to fuck me. With my ass pressed against you we began to slowly quietly grind. Right there a light blanket over the both of us. In the back seat, our friends in the front totally oblivious to what we were doing.   It felt so good to have your cock inside me.

Hungry for more.

You whispered for me to face you. We began kissing as you fingered my pussy. I stroked your cock as you finger fucked me. I came on your fingers. My moans silenced by deep kisses. This way our friends wouldn’t know what we were up to. It was so exciting to be fucking each other right under their noses. Very carefully you laid flat. I rolled on top of you still clothed. My panties removed of course. Under the blanket we engaged in  69 Phone Sex. I sucked your cock While you sucked my clit. Before we reached our final destination home We both came in each others mouths at least twice. Before we stopped we fixed our clothing and found some sandwiches to snack on and some pops to drink.

 Our Erotic Phone Sex Secret.

We smiled from ear to ear knowing how naughty we had been. No one had any idea what we had done. We exchanged numbers and become lovers for awhile after that. The excitement of being in such close proximity to each other, coupled by being amongst people was a turn on. The fact we got away with fucking right under their noses was even hotter. We were like two teenagers making out and heavy petting.

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